How FM Radio Stations Benefit From Lockdown

Tuning into FM radio is a valuable part of my childhood. Every time my family would go on a cross-country trip, my parents would crank up the speaker volume and flip through radio channels. I did not have a favorite station back then, but I could remember getting amazed by how they broadcasted songs. I brought this love of mine for FM radio when I grew up and decided that I would work at a radio broadcasting station no matter what.


Although I did achieve my childhood dream, a lot of people raised their eyebrows at my decision. They said, “You could have applied for a job at this or that media outlet. Why would you insist on working in a dying industry?”

Yes, as horrible as it may sound, many believe that radio is on the brink of death. A likely reason is the birth of Spotify and YouTube Music, which allow digital users to listen to songs or podcasts through their gadgets. Most cars also have Bluetooth technology, so the owners can use these music-streaming platforms instead of turning on the radio.

When the news about the lockdown rolled in at first, I thought that it was the end of this industry. However, it turned out to be highly beneficial for FM radio.

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Folks Tune In To Gain Assurance

It is undoubtedly effortless to get news information these days, even if you have no interest in looking for it. Most social media users tend to overuse the Share button on various pages, you see. In case you are friends with such folks on Facebook, the links may appear on your newsfeed, and you may get hooked on them.

Despite doing the latter, not everyone believes everything they see on social media. Their desire to know the truth typically leads them to more valid sources of information, such as radio. They can even go to FM stations, which may ask experts to visit their programs. That’s how they can prove or disprove the news.


Some People Are Cutting Expenses

Due to the lockdown, a significant number of businesses have had to close temporarily or permanently. Companies are laying off employees left and right. Those who can continue working from home may not always get 100% of their monthly income. It causes people to minimize their expenses until their career stabilizes again.

Well, it is not uncommon for the likes of Spotify to get canceled in times of financial emergency. The $9.99 monthly fee that the platform asks for may be negligible for some but a treasure for others. Hence, the only way for them to get free music is by tuning into FM radio.


More Individuals Try To Relive The Good Old Days

Radio is admittedly famous among our parents and grandparents because they have grown up using it at home. Before the TV came to existence, people were used to reading or listening about the news. So, it came naturally for them to try to relive the good old days by turning on the radio once more.

When my Dad started tuning in after decades of not having time for it, I could see how much he missed it. The radio was glued to his side, and he would hum or sing every time a song that he knew would come. It was as if the music had transported him back to his youth.

Final Thoughts

I feel sad whenever I hear about people dying due to COVID-19. I also understand why some can feel bored at home after weeks of not going out. Still, the lockdown has been suitable for the radio industry, in the sense that stations have been gaining more listeners now than in the last few years. I can only wish that they won’t forget to tune in to FM radio even when the pandemic is long gone.