Terms of Use


Terms of Use


Welcome to our website! Accessing this website means that you are legally binding yourself in agreeing with the terms and conditions. You also agree that you are of legal age of at least eighteen (18) years old. If you are not of legal age and have no intention of accessing this website or availing of any of its services offered, you must immediately leave this website.



You agree to provide the necessary information accurately to this website. Upon registration to our website, you will be able to enjoy the services offered. You also have the option to subscribe to selected services. Should there be any changes to any information; it is the user’s obligation to notify the website to provide a better user experience.



You will be held solely responsible for the proper use and protection of all their necessary information needed to access the services available on the website such as their user ID, password, and other means of accessing their account in this website. The user can inform the site should they have problems in accessing their account provided that they can share the necessary information to access it such as user ID or email used.



This website offers free and paid membership. Free membership means that you are only availing our services for noncommercial purposed. Should you plan to avail of the website’s paid services, you may do so by registering for the service.



Payment will be through your selected method. You agree to pay all such fees by these terms and conditions. The website reserves the right to adjust the amounts available for the services offered. User will be notified at least two (2) weeks before the addition of new fees of the increase of previous services provided. Users may receive the notices through the user’s email and their existing account in the website. If you find the changes in the fees, you have the option to unsubscribe to these services.


Termination and Refund

If the website terminates your subscription or account, the website reserves the right to deny you from access to all or some of its services. Cancellation of your subscription after your renewal does not honor you to any refund for the charged amounts.


Should you violate any of portions of this agreement or conduct unlawful or inappropriate activities that may harm the website, the website reserves the right to terminate your account with or without prior notice. The site will not be liable for any information or content lost upon the termination of your account. However, provisions of this agreement such as indemnity and liability must remain active.



You agree to protect the website from any loss, expenses, and liability concerning claims of demands from a third party source.



The website will not be held liable for any event. These include but are not limited to (i) any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind; (ii) any lost or damaged user information; or (iii) any excess fee paid during the time of the user’s subscription. Some of these or all terms may not apply to you depending on the state you are residing in.