Why Start A Podcast For Your Counseling Practice

What does it take to start a podcast?


Is there a counseling benefit when you start a podcast? Does it help? As a counselor, the goal you strive for is always to deliver the best service for your clients. Different clients require different methods. An option for you to explore is creating a podcast.

It’s always a good practice to have a variety of resources and editing software available. Techniques that worked before may not work today. In addition, today’s digital world is continuously emerging. Because of this, people are gaining more access to information online.

Start a Podcast or Podcast-ing

A podcast is a type of audio interface. It is an audio program that mainly focuses on one topic. A podcast is also usually published as a series of episodes. Podcast recording involves a person or an audio recording software, using apple podcasts microphone audio quality, a record button,  and a podcast platform to create your podcast directory. They are available for listening on smartphones, laptops, and other devices and with the use of a podcast app. They are also portable, meaning people can consume them as they wish. In 2020, over 155 million people listened to the first episode of a podcast every week.

Starting a podcast is exciting. Turn your talent into a podcast and enjoy podcast-ing anywhere, anytime.

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The demand for popular podcasts is rising. This is an opportunity for you to extend your counseling practice by starting a podcast. By starting a podcast, you will provide an additional resource for your clients and future patients. As a practitioner who mainly listens, it may not seem natural to be a speaker. However, there are many benefits to doing it. Read on to understand why you should create audio content for your counseling practice:

Podcast Markets Your Skills And Knowledge

Many people do not have access to counseling services. More advanced features of podcasts are a good platform to reach out to them. It can be done through interview shows that are helpful to a complete beginner.

By producing your content, you have control over your words. As part of the multiple hosts, you have the opportunity to share your expertise. You can discuss different mental health issues in a series of episodes. You can also share self-help tips and strategies. This is a good way for you to connect with your new listeners. If you have an online service, you can encourage them to contact you for extended help.

Break The Mental Health Stigma of Counseling Via Podcast

Many people hesitate when in need of counseling. Through podcasting, you’ll be able to provide support while keeping your prospective client anonymous. By discussing the benefits of counseling, you’ll be able to let people know that seeking help is not something shameful. Consulting a professional is a step closer to a healthy state of mind. This can help break the stigma about mental health. This is also an opportunity for you to promote your private practice.

Starting A Podcast By Yourself

By starting a podcast, you have control over the flow of your content. Believe me, starting a podcast is tough, but it is rewarding.

If you specialize in a specific form of counseling, you might reach someone in need of your expertise. If you want to promote counseling, you can educate and connect to a large audience online. Either way, podcasts are an effective way to promote mental health.

Starting A Podcast Benefits

Starting Podcasts Brings Educational Content

Keeping up with counseling sessions can be a challenge for your clients. This is more true in this time of the pandemic. Podcasts can help fill in the gaps between sessions. These can also be an additional resource for your practice. When you are unable to meet, you can easily share these with your patients. Podcasts are not a substitute for your counseling sessions. It is rather a form of additional support until you can meet with your client in person.

Listen To Podcast Without Any Pressure

Podcasts are an efficient way of education. As an always-available resource, your clients can listen to them while multitasking. They can listen to you while doing household chores. They can also easily pull out your podcast during their commute. If they wish, they are also free to set aside personal time to focus on your podcast. They will have control over how they want to consume your content. This means that they can comfortably listen without any pressure.

Podcast-ing is portable. Podcasts be done even at home. Starting a podcast is easy. Try making a podcast now.

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There is as much stigma on mental health as there is misinformation. Beyond your sessions, your clients may be exposed to false information. This can negatively affect them by causing further anxiety and stress. By sharing your podcast, they will have a reliable source of knowledge. This will be an assurance for them that they can learn from you anytime and anywhere.

Podcast Can Help Improve Your Speaking Skills

Most of the time, you are listening to your patient. However, it is also imperative that you can speak clearly. As a counselor, it is important to hone your speaking skills. Communication involves both speaking and listening. It is a vital part of your counseling sessions. Your patients will show differing needs, too. Podcasts can help you adapt and provide unique messages as needed by your clients.

For many people, listening to a podcast feels like a personal conversation. Compared to reading text, many people now prefer to watch and listen. A podcast delivers content directly to the listener. Good quality podcasts can be a soothing activity. It will encourage them to understand your every word. Through this, you can share and promote education about mental health during an interview show. You can also share stories to inspire your repeat listeners.

You Control The Content Of Your Podcast

Since you have control over your podcast episodes, you can opt to invite guests, too. You can co host a new episode description with a colleague or have a good discussion with a previous client. You can have a conversation about mental health or your private practice. By conversing, you can hone your speaking skills without relying on a script. This type of content will feel more natural and intimate to your listeners.

Starting a podcast with a friend can be a game-changer. Spice up your podcasts with different podcast guests.

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Start A Podcast Hosting Service

Podcast hosting provider service RSS feed is relatively easy to produce. You can do it by yourself or have a team to help you out. They don’t usually require an extensive set of podcast recording equipment unless you wish for a different podcast episode format with episode title, audio files, podcast editing, audio quality, etc. A successful podcast episode can be a source of additional income, too. You can sell your podcast intro music, podcast cover art, podcast recording, etc. to your listeners. It can be a stream of additional income by promoting related businesses and products to your podcast listeners, too.

As a rapidly growing industry, other podcasts can bring additional benefits to your counseling practice. Whether you want to educate people, reach out to clients, or have a means of extra income, podcasts are an effective platform. Choose a good podcast name and start your first podcast episode now as a podcast host through various podcast hosting platforms.

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