Brilliant Advertisements That Put The Spotlight On The Radio Industry



In the marketing world, the secret to creating a great radio ad is well known. It involves the mix of a good voice-over talent, a simple but attention-grabbing message, and the call-to-action spiels, to name a few. Here are some brilliant radio ads executed and reasons why they live up to this day.


It is already proven that radio advertising is one of the largest revenue sources in the U.S. That is amazing, and it will take an even astounding turn as it is forecasted that the total revenues will increase from $1.4 billion to $2 billion in 2021.


In a study referenced by American Music Concepts, 60% of adults 18 years old and up listen to the radio in their cars on a typical weekday. These adults also listen to the radio at home, work, or when they’re shopping. The numbers go on.


Sixty two percent of shoppers listen to the radio just 13 minutes before making a purchase, while 90% of consumers are in their cars less than 6 minutes before shopping. That’s what makes it a great marketing medium—  it captures your market when they’re just about to splurge on something.


Definitely a huge advantage for your business, right? Here are some of the most brilliant radio advertisements (truly well done) that you might want to take notes from:



  1. Marmite’s “The Mondays” by Creative Agencies Adam&Eve/DDB. As if Mondays couldn’t get any more unlikeable, this radio ad became an Aerial Awards radio winner in 2016 mainly because it’s nicely written, intelligent and funny.


            SFX: Music intro.


VO: Are you experiencing a case of the Mondays? Do you suffer from a once weekly outbreak of sore personality, swollen mood or inflamed temper? Then Marmite on toast for breakfast could be the pseudo-scientific remedy you’re looking for. It’s anecdotally proven to help families smash through the start of the week. To report a case of the Mondays, call the Marmite helpline on 0800 832 1835. Hate Mondays. Love Marmite.


Marmite is best enjoyed at breakfast. Breakfast can be eaten any time of day if you get up late enough. Users may experience a 33% increase in pizzazz.


Don’t lie. Right now, you’re completely craving for a Marmite on toasted butter. Yum!



  1. McDonald’s’ “Driver” by Creative Agency Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett maintains a long-time partnership with the fast food giant for a reason. Whatever marketing medium it is, they surely “slay.” This radio ad stressed that McDonald’s is open for 24 hours, and we’re sure it’s pretty etched in every listener’s brain, or should we say, ears?


Male driver: The roads have emptied. Only us left. Kids sleeping in back. Cat’s eyes shine bright. White lines roll by. The rhythm of the street lights. Radio hums quietly. Rain starts. Hypnotic wipers. Pull in. Hot latte and apple pie. Ease back into the darkness.


VO: Over 600 McDonald’s open 24 hours. We are awake.


SFX: Five-note McDonald’s sting.



  1. Beyond Blue’s “Get to Know Anxiety.” While this may not be an Aerial Awards winner unlike the first two radio ads, this definitely speaks to a very important issue of anxiety. Beyond Blue has made a truly amazing campaign to increase the public’s awareness of it, particularly getting through and keeping the effort up.  A lot of information on the topic of anxiety on the internet will definitely help.


Now, as much as we’d like to simply put the script here. It’s better if you see the whole playlist of ads for TV and radio. Click here.



  1. Dove’s “Self-Conscious” by Creative Agency Ogilvy and Mather London. Dove is all about helping women realize their “real, personal beauty,” and it’s pretty evident in all of their advertisements. D&AD gave credit on how the radio ad made women give a second thought to something that was impossible to ignore.


VO: The more someone makes you think about your body, the harder it becomes to ignore.


Your tongue, for example. Usually, you hardly notice it’s there. But when I mention it, you can feel your tongue bumping against your lower front teeth. The tip’s just resting on them. You notice your tongue feels just a little too long for your mouth. And you notice it never really lies still. You move it about constantly, without thinking about it. Backwards and forwards. And from side to side. Suddenly, it feels strangely wet and heavy in your mouth, doesn’t it?


A few seconds ago, you hardly noticed your tongue, But, just one message ensured you can’t stop thinking about it. Now imagine the hundreds of messages girls are exposed to everyday, subtly changing the way they think about their bodies.


See how you can help at Dove. Be your beautiful self.


Way to go, Dove! 17 million girls now have confidence they need to take on another day.


There are a whole bunch of brilliant radio ads available. But these 4 tops our list. Care to share what’s your favorite one?