Love On Air

Nowadays, dating has also become an online sensation. Thanks to the worldwide use of different social media platforms that enable people to connect with each other wherever they are. Many of us have experienced the power of social media when it comes to finding an intimate relationship. It may have been different compared to the traditional courtship yet, most of us find it convenient. However, before the trending of social media platforms, came the phenomenon of radio broadcasting wherein it has also created a significant impact regarding social relations.



I, myself have been lucky enough to have witnessed this old fashion yet a romantic way of professing admiration and love for someone. It was almost eons ago when most of us had tuned in to different radio programs that served as a platform for social interaction. Aside from listening to your favorite song, you get the chance to express your thoughts about someone over the radio and be heard by everyone. I can still recall tuning in to my favorite radio station every Saturday just to have an update on the trending songs, and of course, listen to on-air greetings that my friends and I usually do. This lasted for quite some time since this was our version of the social platform during those days.

Love Is In The Air

Ryan was one of the campus crushes in our school. His charm, especially when he is playing table tennis, has captured everyone’s attention. While I was just a typical student, who is focused on her studies to keep her ranking. We were active students but in different fields. He was active in sports as he was giving pride to our school because of his excellent playing skills in table tennis, and I was active in the academics, representing our school in various academic contests. We had different worlds back then, but never did I imagine that our paths would cross and would lead us into something special. In fact, I hated him, as he does not need to study hard just to pass his subjects because he’s a varsity player. His presence was never an existence to me, until one day, the whole campus has turned its attention to me because of that on-air greeting addressed to me from the anonymous guy in our school. Studying in a school with a 300-student population, news like that spreads like wildfire. At first, I just ignored the incident, but the on-air greetings went on, I was clueless who could be that person, as I do not find



myself pretty to be liked by anyone, but I must admit it made me feel special. However, I did not dwell much on it because I was thinking that my friends were tripping over me, but deep inside, I was hoping to find out that person.

Until one day, one of the most memorable events of my high school life happened. It was during our school’s sports fest when I finally found out that Ryan was the one sending greetings over the radio. Thanks to his guts as he finally dared to introduce himself, but I did not expect that he would do it publicly. Yes publicly! I was dumbfounded in front of many students and my teachers, as they were enjoying their lunch, the request booth operator tuned in to the radio, then during the DJ’s greetings and song request, Ryan’s message for me was heard over the campus, and we became the highlight of the intramurals. After that, we started to talk to each other until we became a couple when we were in the Senior year.

Radio Love Romance

Well, until now, there are a few instant greetings that we hear over the radio to express hidden desires or admirations to the person that we love. This is especially true for someone who lacks the guts at first to tell it personally for reasons that they will be humiliated or turned down the moment they say it straightforwardly.



The times indeed have changed from writing love letters to broadcasting your feelings over the radio, and now, we have the internet to add to these novel ways expressing our emotions. At the turn of the next century, we may be surprised at what other ways information technology has to offer us. One this is certain and will never wane over time – that love will find its way to the person no matter what.