The Challenge Of Keeping The Radio Industry


It is no longer a common bonding activity for young people to call the radio DJ to request their favorite song and wait for it to play, chat with acquaintances over the phone, greet family and friends through the radio and sometimes even consulting love problems to your favorite DJ. In this day and age of online communication, how do the people behind the radio industry survive? How do they keep pace with the growing and unstoppable innovations that are happening on the internet?

More ways people can access news.

With the availability and accessibility of news and entertainment on television and the internet, people from the radio cannot cope with these advances. There are only a few elements you can play with the radio and can only involve sounds. Nowadays, the preferred mode of delivering information is thru live coverage. There are options such as in Facebook that you can also go live and that is preferred and more appealing for audiences because they can see it visually, not something that is being described or interpreted over the radio. Radio announcers or reporters are challenged to deliver their news more appealing to their listeners in a way that they are not only hearing the news but also get to “visualize” the whole concept of it.


More means of young people to listen to music.

Video music channels and many other means of downloading music and even videos are available. Gone are the days when you have to wait for the song to be released, wait for its CDs to be sold, request it to the radio and wait until it will be played. Sometimes it is so unfortunate that you will even miss it. In the past, when the music is so popular it would seem like it’s the only song that you will hear on the radio the entire day or sometimes even for a couple of weeks. Who doesn’t remember countdowns, right? Today, music DJs on radio device some interactive ways to let their listeners call them and join their programs. Some would be airing their relationship problems then a music is played after to elicit more listeners. These DJs are able to provide some pieces of advice on how to handle the problems being presented to them.

Lack of audience and advertisers.

There were times when we even rely on the radio to look for good products. Apart from the growing media, when it comes to advertising and promoting products or services, it is also sometimes cheaper online. You can even find people who sell their products on Instagram. Creating websites are cheaper and what is great about social media is you can tap the market right away because it seems like everyone in the planet is in the cyber world. All these affected the radio industry. Bottomline is, if they lack advertisers who are willing to sponsor and support them, it is also difficult to finance the necessary resources to keep it.


Even though radio seems to be a dying industry for some, it can’t be denied that during a power outage or any catastrophic events that may cause limited access to the internet and electricity, listening to the radio for updates are still relied on. This is because even without electricity the radio will still be on air providing news and updates. Some radios are battery operated and even recommended during emergency situations such as earthquake and typhoon.