Counseling Topics To Discuss On Your Podcast

Podcast Counseling

Despite being a relatively new audio format, podcasts (or audio cast) have emerged as one of the most in-demand content worldwide. There are over 2 million podcast shows published on the internet. Audiocast discusses many topics. However, there exists a demand for mental health content. Thus, a podcast for counseling was born.

Find counseling topics for future counseling podcast. Ask counseling clients about their counseling journey.

Podcast Counseling

Podcasts help us to become better listeners. there are also many benefits of podcasts for mental health. Audiocasts help consumers have better focus and imagination.

This is why podcasts are also great for education: People who focus on listening pay serious attention to the topic.

As school counselors, one of our roles is to help break the stigma on mental health, and to support this mission, we’re starting a podcast. A therapy podcast is a perfect opportunity to promote and educate.

Counseling Podcast For Those Mental Health Professionals

When creating therapy podcasts, it’s best to focus on a key topic. This article will provide good topic ideas if you’re at a loss about what to discuss for your podcast. You may find current research inspiration and tips for future episodes if you already have a podcast. It could be the engaging world of science, psychotherapy, relationships, and many more.

If you’re interested in mental health help, there are several excellent podcasts out there to explore. One standout is the “Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast,” hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin and co-hosts. This podcast explores a wide range of topics related to mental health, with a focus on destigmatizing mental illness and creating a safe space for discussion.

Another great option is “Hidden Brain,” which takes a scientific approach to exploring the human mind and behavior. Both podcasts are affiliated with the American Counseling Association and offer valuable insights for students and professionals alike.

Topics To Discuss

Life As A Therapist in private practice. Being a mental health practitioner does not necessarily mean being exempt from mental health issues. There are many topics you can cover in your life as a family therapist.

Positive psychology is one subject matter that makes good weekly podcast content. Tell the story of your counseling through your podcast series. Why did you pursue a career in this specific field of psychology? You can share with your listeners in your podcast series why you love your job. What are your goals as a counselor in private practice?

Are you fighting to end the stigma of mental illnesses? How do you think people can contribute to normalizing mental health?

How human behavior is formed can also be an interesting topic to listen to. These are a few question tools you can answer in your psychology podcast to help discover and promote mental health skills.

Offer Advice To Clients On Managing Mental Health

During your counseling sessions, learning becomes a two-way process. You offer advice to your clients on how to manage their mental health. Conversely, you can expand your view because of your dedicated clients. You can also invite fellow therapists to share their own experiences and knowledge in their chosen field of psychology.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay up to date on the latest insights and trends in therapy. Two excellent options are the “ZynnyMe” podcast, hosted by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, and the “Trauma Therapist” podcast, hosted by Dr. Guy Macpherson.

Both podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from the business of counseling to ethics considerations, and delve into important issues like trauma, marriage interventions, working with children and friends, and more. If you’re looking to expand your emotional toolbox or simply stay informed about the latest developments in therapy, these podcasts are a must-listen.

podcast counseling

Counseling Facts And Myths

Many myths surround mental health. This is one of the reasons why it is widely stigmatized. One of the greatest myths is that passionate people with mental health problems are crazy.

Some More Myths To Correct

Another myth to correct is that therapy is a waste of time. Not many people are educated about the importance of therapies. You can talk in your audio casts (chat consultation) about how treatment differs from person to person.

Podcast Counseling Episodes

You can create many consultation episodes focused on debunking these misconceptions. These myths can be corrected through education. Consultation podcasts are a useful platform to promote mental health.

Counseling Colleagues

If you want to make things more interesting, you can invite a guest. Two is better than one, they say. You can share your knowledge and opinions with guests on different mental health matters. You can talk in your consultation podcast about success stories. It also includes interviews with mental health counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others.

2 women talking on air

You can call over a colleague and have a discussion. If you wish to talk about a topic you do not specialize in, you can invite a fellow counselor to an episode of your podcast for in-depth interviews. That way, you and your audience learn new things about mental illness. The information reaches your listeners.

Valuable Resource For Learning And Growth

Whether you’re a counselor or simply have an interest in mental health, podcasts can be a valuable resource for learning and personal growth. One excellent option is the “Ethics and Therapy” podcast, which delves into ethical considerations and best practices for mental health professionals.

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Ben Caldwell. It is accompanied by a wealth of additional resources on his website, including a comprehensive ethics manual and other tools to support ethical decision-making. Whether you work with kids or are interested in ethical considerations for mental health practice, this podcast is a must-hear resource.

Invite A Current Or Previous Counseling Client To Your Show

You can also invite a current or previous client to your consultation podcast. After securing their permission, make sure to ask them if they wish to be anonymous or not. You can ask your clients questions about their consultation journey, and if they’ve been listening to any counseling podcasts, inquire about their experiences and insights from those as well. How has therapy helped them overcome their disorder? Why will they encourage listeners to seek consultation when it seems necessary? Are they wondering if consultation helped improve their life?

Wrapping Up

Whether you host alone or have guest speakers over, podcast episodes are an effective means of education. Listeners are learning new things from professionals and renowned clinicians. It can also be a source of reliable facts. The hosts can create a supportive community that helps fight the stigma together. There are many benefits to having insight consultation podcasts for your consulting practice.

Podcasts For Counseling

You can create episodes about different subject matters depending on your specialty and audience. Consultation podcasts are entertaining conversations, which is why you can expect rising demand. You can reach an ever wider spectrum of listeners if you publish episodes regularly.


What are the qualities of a good counselor?

A good counselor has experience, provides support, and uses effective communication to help clients.

Can a therapist have a podcast?

Yes, a therapist can have a podcast, even in private practice, and discuss the therapist’s uncensored subject matter, by creating therapy podcasts.

What is a therapy podcast?

A therapy podcast is a voice of counseling on platforms like Apple Podcasts, providing professional advice and insights on mental health and well-being.

What is the best counseling technique?

The best counseling technique varies depending on the individual, their needs, and the specific episode they are facing, so it’s essential to consult with a professional for guidance.

Can podcasts help with depression?

Some of the best podcasts can provide therapy chat that may help with depression.

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