We’re Back



er the Iron Curtain fell over Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe in the wake of World War II, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty played a vital role in broadcasting news and opinion to people deprived of it by censorious governments. Nobel laureate and Poland freedom fighter Lech Walesa told an audience in 1989 that Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty’s importance “cannot even be described. Would there be earth without the sun?”

Today, with all other major American media dominated by liberal and left-leaning programming, conservative talk radio is the American equivalent of Radio Free Europe. It’s no wonder that powerful liberals, from former President Clinton to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have talked aloud of using government power to shackle talk radio.

Thus, the American Civil Rights Union announces the Save Radio Free America campaign, in which radio talk show hosts and their supporters join to oppose the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine or the advent of “localism” and “diversity” requirements that would crush freedom of the radio airwaves or on the Internet.

Americans have the freedom to listen – for now. SaveRadioFreeAmerica.org is dedicated to keeping it that way.